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  1. As an observer it seems an awful lot like the movement is complaining about a problem without actually providing a solution! If the problems your complaining about are as obvious as you claim then start sharing your solutions. Without solutions it seems allot like complaining about something not going your way. It’s time people stopped complaining and actually worked for a solution. Allot of our financial problems stems from welfare and unemployment benefits so instead of complaining about not having a job while someone like myself has to work multiple jobs to support my family get off your butt and out of your tent and find a job so I can stop paying for you to COMPLAIN

    • Concerned observer
      Many are working then coming to the park to attend workshops, marches, GA , running different errands as needed when they are available. You are not paying for anyone to be there. Maybe you should should do more than just observe and jump to conclusions. You can educate yourself by attending some of the workshops, talking to some of the people who are facilitators, talk to someone in the media tent, or at the info booth.

  2. hey Concerned, a lot of us ARE looking for jobs but there ARENT any….unemployment rate is over 10%..get a clue…CAnt GET a job if there arent any TO GET….maybe do your research before you start preaching at us to get jobs, virtually calling us lazy or bums…We ARE NOT LAZY, we ARE NOT BUMS…we ARE and DO look for jobs that are non existent…in regards to solutions, dont you think we have tried with petitions and other avenues??? Stop spouting off before you know your facts. Open your eyes and WAKE UP to really whats going on around you rather then assuming the we arent looking for jobs, collect welfare or unemployment (which I do not collect and havent collected in 9 yrs).

  3. Observer says: “Stop complaining”. then goes on to say “..someone like myself who has to work multiple jobs to support my family.” So, it sounds like not only are you complaining, but you are actually complaining about similar reasons to which these protesters are. You should not have to work multiple jobs to support your family! Thats one of the many reasons they are protesting. Also, you cant just “go and get a job”. The unemployment rate of about 10% should be a good sign of that. Even if you do get a job it would most likely be minimum wage job with no benefits because that is what most billion dollar corporations (wal-mart, mcdonalds…) offer these days. Then you will end up like yourself, having to work multiple jobs just to support your family. These protesters are supporting YOUR cause, maybe you should support theirs! (instead of complaining about it)

    • SO then you’re fighting for jobs that will pay higher? You say there are jobs available but since they are minimum wage they are below you?? Some have to work multiple jobs to support a family, no one wants to work a lot of hours, but you do it for your family. Maybe you should grow up and stop being so selfish!

      • Selfish? I’m being selfish? Goldman Sachs CEO makes over $9,000 per hour and the average american working for minimum wage in this country gets $16,000 per YEAR! And I’m the selfish one? I think he and all the other banks and corporations and most politicians are the greedy, selfish ones! Like I already said (maybe you should listen) You, me nor anybody else in the wealthiest country on earth should have to work multiple jobs just to scrape by. Just to scrape by while others, like the one mentioned previously in my comment, are making ridiculous amounts of money. And before you say it, NO they did not work and did not earn the money they have. Banks did NOT earn trillions of tax dollars given to them by the government…And YES, minimum wage is below me. I EARN more than minimum wage and still have a retirement plan that consist of 0 dollars because I cant survive and raise a family of 5 and set money aside for retirement on what I EARN. And I am sure that the majority of the people in this state and country are struggling in the same manner I am.

  4. I agree that jobs are hard to come by, but they are there. You just have to look hard enough. I see all kinds of jobs on sites like monster, and in projo daily. Sure there will be stiff competition for them, but nothing good comes easy. As for the mcdonalds comment (walmart does have benefits, you may want to check your sources on that one), yes they pay min wage and have no benefits, but its an income none the less. I sure know im not going to pay $3 for a cheeseburger because part time workers want all sorts of benefits.
    Income is income, serving burgers to serving your country. The military is always looking for people. Then you can fight fight for your cause and fight for the freedom tou have to do that. Once again income is income these days, as long as its done legally, who cares where it comes from.
    Greed has been around from the beginning of time. Its not going to stop. All you can do is the best you can in life, suck it up and move on.
    I do support your right to protest, but i feel you are taking resources from the city when they need to be focused on other issues within the city. Sorry but you guys are wasting alot of peoples time including your own. Nothing will change with your protests.

  5. Steve-o….The claim that there are jobs out there is ridiculous at best….I have todays providence journal in front of me right now and there is a whopping 6 jobs in the entire state listed in the paper….Thats 6 jobs for how many thousands of unemployed people? Are you joking? And you say income is income? That is exactly what all these billionaires and their companies say. They know there are no jobs and they know they can offer you bottom dollar and little or no benefits because you have no other choice, you have to take it..Does that make it right? The answer is NO! How the hell do you expect college students who are in debt 20k with tuition fees to pay that off working at starbucks for $9 an hour? How do you expect a person to raise a family off of $10 an hour at wal-mart? You cant! And it goes far beyond just jobs but dont get me started on that!

  6. Tim B.
    I am on the projo website right now, there are 161 job postings in RI from today alone.
    And yes income is income, if you deny income when your in need of it, that’s called ignorance and there is no pity for that. And yes a college student should be working at Starbucks. That teaches real world people skills. You cant expect to jump right into a 75k/yr job, that really don’t happen. If you think that’s how it should be, see my previous comment about ignorance.
    Walmart employs 2.1 million globally. Thats 2.1 million families making it work on Walmart wages. Seems to me you just want to be one of the rich few and refuse to work for what normal people are happy to make.
    I am by no means saying there are enough jobs for 0 unemployment. But if you look there are some there. If your broke, don’t be picky, work so your not broke until you find a better job. Simple huh?

  7. Steve-o, I guess we just agree to disagree. But these people have two constitutional rights to do what they are doing. As far as jobs, this is the wealthiest country on earth and there is no excuse for our economical situation to be what it is today. There are X amount of jobs and X amount of people, those numbers are extremely far apart so at the end of the day no matter how bad you want a job it is just not possible for everyone to have one. I worked for Wal-mart for a year and a half. They purposely kept me at 30 hours per week just so they wouldnt have to give me “full time” status and they wouldnt have to give me any benefits. Is that right for one of the wealthiest businesses on earth? No! I currently work for one of the wealthiest companies in the world and they are not much better. They posted over 10% expected profits over the last 3 quarters and have refused to give any of their employees any raises. So its alright for them to not only profit but profit more than they expected and they cant bother to give any of their employees any raises? why not? BEAUSE THEY ARE GREEDY AND SELFISH!!

  8. Tim B.
    I absolutely agree with and them exercising their constitutional rights to do what they are. I am not saying whats going on with large corporations is right, or that i support it. That will go on forever, unfortunately there is no way around it.
    My beef is with the supposed lack of jobs. The jobs out there may not be glamorous or be ideal, but until the economy takes a 180, people need to take them.
    Im sorry but i drive by the occupiers daily and when im stopped at the light and they decide to yell things to me because of my company vehicle, I take that as a personal attack (this has happened twice now). I dont work for a large or even well known company, just drive a company vehicle.
    There are so many signs out there nobody but them know what they really want. Frankly one in particular pisses me off. But this post originated with jobs, so i will leave it at that.

  9. Steve- Like I already said, no matter how bad everyone wants a job it is impossible for everyone to have one. You cant support a family by taking crap jobs that pay next to nothing. You would have to have 3 jobs to pull that off. And you shouldnt have to. This country is better than that. I feel people need to stand up and take control of their country before it is too late. I respect your point of view and you do make valid points. There are alot of people out there who refuse to work. But that does not mean everyone who is unemployed is like that.

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