We can accept donations online with credit and debit cards through WePay. (It works like PayPal). Your donations will support causes approved by the General Assembly including the printing of our publication, the Occupied Providence Journal. Your donations also help Occupy Providence fund its actions and events; to see what the GA has been up to, see our recent direct action list.


Donate yourself! Join us at our weekly General Assemblies and actions. Check the Occupy Providence Facebook page to see what’s going on; you don’t need a Facebook account to see our updates.

5 thoughts on “Donate

  1. I can’t help much, but i will see, maybe a can a good beans you can add to a soup, but i was wondering, i have a can of terra cotta spray paint, can you use it?

  2. I’d be willing to bring a pot of soup down tonight(Wednesday 26th) but need to know if people have their own bowls and spoons, since a pot of soup is useless without those.

    If someone can get back to me by 6, this can happen. Otherwise, will bring it down Thursday. Vegan, gluten free, will have legumes.

  3. Providence is about to go bankrupt and you guys aren’t scrambling to help.. You talked about how Brown needs to pay property taxes so why dont you guys go protest on their green?? I think you guys should OCCUPY THE GREEN until they pay full property taxes to the city. If you want to earn respect from the average joe then get the heck out there and protest. Big universities are corporate america!

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