Goal-setting & Long-term visioning meeting report

Yesterday we had our first broader-vision goal-setting meeting. Thanks so much for everyone who came! There will be more in the future. Before we get into the results of our conversation, I want to discuss next steps for this conversation:
Next large meeting will:
have more small group discussions
focus more on OP tactics
next meeting times:
Wednesday 11 am
Sunday 5pm
Working Group Meeting:
Friday 4pm
ideas for work between meetings:
focus groups around each category of goals  Continue reading

Direct Action “Week of Action” debrief minutes

Minutes from Direct Action Debrief from Week of Action – 11/6/11

Facilitators: Will and Sarah
Minutes taken by: Will

Go-around on highlights from Week of Action

  • Sarah: Action at the state house, with Chafee coming out to talk to us
  • Drew: State House Action
  • Carlos: Most of it!
  • Milagros: Action Saturday at Bank of America
  • Richard: News report about our handling of a disruptive person at the camp
  • Alex: March to the state house. And not getting kicked out of the park
  • Chris: Immigrant rights march to the state house
  • Jim: Couldn’t participate in actions
  • Dennis: Dialog in park
  • Kate: Arne Duncan protest
  • Greg: State House action, delivering letter to Chafee
  • Laura: Couldn’t make actions, but reading press and targets are great
  • Chris: Immigrant rights march and rally; Arne Duncan march, with good mobilization, energy, and speakers
  • Phil: Protest at Mayor’s dinner; library action; BoA march; level of activity in one week!  Continue reading

Outreach and media meeting notes, 10/8

Out Reach and Media Notes
(Aka. Meeting Minute)
For Saturday October 8th, 2011

To Be Said During the Opening GA

1.  Servio has volunteered his radio show to be the voice of Occupy Providence. If you are interested in becoming a spokesperson please email OccupyProvidenceMedia@gmail.com. His show airs 6-8pm every Sunday night.

2.  We need translators and ASL interpreters. If you speak another  language and are willing to translate please speak to the minute taker  of the media group (after we break) to leave your contact information. Continue reading

Facilitation working group minutes, October 8

this is what the group worked on:

  • simplifying examples and explanations of hand symbols used with the g.a.
  • making sure that we have enough volunteers that will moderate the g.a.
  • getting facilitators, especially from other groups, trained in facilitating the g.a.
  • letting the g.a. know that we need translators
  • that private conversations need to be held outside of the assembled g.a.
  • that hearing and sight impared members of the g.a. move to the front of the g.a.

hand signals that were simplified:
point of process-hands forming a triangle
1. keeping individuals/g.a. onn topic
2. checking broader group processes
3. ensuring descisions ratified by the g.a. are respected

point of clarification-hand forming a “c”
1.  now called point of clarification
2.  used when one is confused or needs clarification on information being given something needs to be eleborated on in greater detail
3.  that all points of clarification are respected

move on- “rolling arms”
1. wrapping it up/make your point
2.  used when one is going over a point again or repeating points already given
3.  not being considerate/respecting members when speaking.  shouldn’t be used when there’s something you’re not interested in hearing