Direct Action long-term planning meeting notes, 11/16

Notes from Direct Action Long Term Planning Meeting Part 2

  • Details for Thursday’s General Assembly
  • Go over plan of action:
  • Gather at Burnside Park at 5PM to finish making signs, review plan of action
  • Gather and march to City Hall at 6PM
  • Hang banner over City Hall door- “Open to the 99%” or “The People’s Hall”- hang a banner behind the facilitators that says “This is What Democracy Looks Like”  Continue reading

Direct Action long-term strategy/vision notes, 11/9

Direct Action Working Group, Long Term Strategy/Vision Conversation
Wednesday, 11/9

Framing the conversation

  • What is direct action?
  • Meeting your issues in person, in a public way
  • Showing solidarity
  • Taking collective action to further our goals (without relying on a third party)
  • Applying direct pressure to a decision maker (target) by disrupting business as usual and demanding a solution
  • “Create such a crisis and foster such a tension as to demand a response”
  • Action taken outside of official channels, often confrontational, public, disruptive  Continue reading
  • Direct Action “Week of Action” debrief minutes

    Minutes from Direct Action Debrief from Week of Action – 11/6/11

    Facilitators: Will and Sarah
    Minutes taken by: Will

    Go-around on highlights from Week of Action

    • Sarah: Action at the state house, with Chafee coming out to talk to us
    • Drew: State House Action
    • Carlos: Most of it!
    • Milagros: Action Saturday at Bank of America
    • Richard: News report about our handling of a disruptive person at the camp
    • Alex: March to the state house. And not getting kicked out of the park
    • Chris: Immigrant rights march to the state house
    • Jim: Couldn’t participate in actions
    • Dennis: Dialog in park
    • Kate: Arne Duncan protest
    • Greg: State House action, delivering letter to Chafee
    • Laura: Couldn’t make actions, but reading press and targets are great
    • Chris: Immigrant rights march and rally; Arne Duncan march, with good mobilization, energy, and speakers
    • Phil: Protest at Mayor’s dinner; library action; BoA march; level of activity in one week!  Continue reading