Direct Action long-term planning meeting notes, 11/16

Notes from Direct Action Long Term Planning Meeting Part 2

  • Details for Thursday’s General Assembly
  • Go over plan of action:
  • Gather at Burnside Park at 5PM to finish making signs, review plan of action
  • Gather and march to City Hall at 6PM
  • Hang banner over City Hall door- “Open to the 99%” or “The People’s Hall”- hang a banner behind the facilitators that says “This is What Democracy Looks Like”  Continue reading

Direct Action long-term strategy/vision notes, 11/9

Direct Action Working Group, Long Term Strategy/Vision Conversation
Wednesday, 11/9

Framing the conversation

  • What is direct action?
  • Meeting your issues in person, in a public way
  • Showing solidarity
  • Taking collective action to further our goals (without relying on a third party)
  • Applying direct pressure to a decision maker (target) by disrupting business as usual and demanding a solution
  • “Create such a crisis and foster such a tension as to demand a response”
  • Action taken outside of official channels, often confrontational, public, disruptive  Continue reading
  • Sanitation meeting minutes, 11/7/11

    Facilitator: Jared
    Meeting Minutes: Sarah

    Overview of sanitation group

    Raking, emptying trash cans, picking up trash, pick up clothes, tarps, etc. lying around. The city comes every Monday between 10:00-noon to pick up our garbage provided we have it set aside in neat piles. We are on our own for recycling. There are rubber gloves and trash bags available in the food tent. We get a high volume of media, it’s important to keep the park looking presentable. Roughly 20-30,000 people a day walk past our park, the fences facing KP are essentially our front yard, we need to keep them as neat and presentable as possible.

    Don, a farmer from Charleston, has volunteered to come pick up our recycling twice a week. We have his number if we need more frequent pick up. (EDIT: Don says he’ll come when he can, no need to call.) Continue reading