GA minutes, July 19, 2014

  • The gentrification project in Kennedy Plaza was discussed. It appears that there is a plan to remove the snow-melting apparatus which is said to have cost $millions. The project overall will make for fewer bus stops with dispersed hubs about the downcity area, making transferring less convenient, with fewer hubs.
  • Actions by RIPTA Riders TBA.
  • A new Peace group formation is in general discussion, a kind of revival of RIMC yet, new and independent in its own right. Thoughts welcome.
  • The Solidarity with Palestine rally this date went very well with very good attendance of well over 100 people. Some thought as many as 300 had attended. It was a somber yet energetic event, with the reading of the names of those killed so far.  A lot of information was shared while the tragedy of the situation was being brought into the open. Many passing cars honked in support.
  • The Nat. Gat., National Gathering of Occupy III will meet in Sacramento, 7/31 to 8/3, Lia has been awarded a grant to attend and be a presenter of: Building a solidarity economy though a culture of peace. Best wishes and we’ll look forward to a report back upon her return.
  • Bell Street Chapel is considering hosting Occupy Providence for General Assembly this coming winter … more to follow.

Notes by Terry.

GA minutes, January 18 and 25, 2014

1/18/2014 & 1/25/2014 General Assembly

  • Discussion of the Urban League controversy/investigation and demonstrations.
  • The demonstration of 1/21/2014 because of snow rescheded to Tuesday 1/28/2014, 4:30pm @ UL 246 Prairie Ave., Providence; endorsed by GA.
  • 2/11/2014 The Day We Fight Back anti-surveillance state demonstrations @ Federal Building Providence; 1pm, unless weather requires postponement; endorsed by GA.
  • TPP educational forum is TBA; asking Brown’s Student-Labor Alliance to host an event.
  • The OP discussion list serve is being transferred to from Googlegroups.
  • The OP website will be linked to the RI Coalition to Defend Human and Civil Rights web page and its Facebook page
  • Let there be bloggers on the OP web site!
  • Discussion of concept of graphics for flyer for the surveillance demonstration is in the works.
  • Anti-surveillance bills, no updates
  • 38 Studios: There’s a bill to promote settlement of a side lawsuit which just passed the Senate Judiciary Committee. The bill will have a hearing in the House Judiciary Committee, TBA. We plan to go and urge that the bill be amended to require an independent investigation. At the very least the bill should have provisions that do not preclude investigation of the 38 Studios deal.

    Let there be an investigation and subpoenas that expose how bodies such as the RI Economic Development Corporation can create financial commitments for the People of RI without The People’s input and oversight!

  • Urban Greens: no response; we’ll recontact.
  • We’re interested in a meeting of the Occupy Providence Journal.

GA minutes, January 4, 2014

1/4/2014 General Assembly

  • Contact with Urban Greens sought asap re: Jan meeting and agenda regarding hard space for social justice.
  • State House back in session, Tue. 7th. The 38 studios debacle is still in the works, we’re not done yet.
  • Mariah has an idea for a homlessness protest at the State House, TBA.
  • Emanuel House now usually closed during the day, except for snowstorms: Emmanuel House Homeless Shelter to Remain Open during Severe Winter Weather
  • The sale of the Urban league building on Prairie Ave with the homeless shelter appears to have gone through, unfortunately.
  • Occupy Community meeting discussed ostensibly for Jan 25 @ Rochambeau library, TBA.
  • Jim’s thinking to combine alliance for colaborating on shared goals in a coordinated effort including a hard meeting space for all.
  • Our Solstice celebration took place at Seven Arrows Farm! Thanks to all who attended, contributed so generously andLiandra’s good works!
  • Justin offered the following link and is interested that 2014 is shaping up as a year of big action. Occupy’s Precarious Pluralism Report

GA minutes, December 14, 2013

12/13/2013 General Assembly

    • Some of us will go to a meeting on surveillance at Sen. Whitehouse’s office, organized by Demand Progress.
    • Artemis (Mama Dreads) may be coming back to RI for a little while, though plans aren’t certain.
    • Is Emmanuel House still operating the homeless day shelter that OP called for in 2012? We should protest if the day shelter is closed. Lia will check if it’s still open.
    • We discuss the Urban League of RI controversy. Their finances seem to have been mismanaged, and they racked up over $2 million in debt without the revenue to pay it off. To meet the debt, they want to sell their Prairie Ave building complex to a developer. This building,which currently houses a homeless shelter and other services, was a gift from the city, and the Urban League is not allowed to sell it without city permission.The Urban League is asking the city for permission to sell off this building to a developer, which could endanger the homeless shelter. Should we oppose the sale? Lia will talk to Ray Watson about this.
    • We want to have a Christmas get-together on next Saturday evening, the 21st. Trying to find a good location. Randall’s current apartment is too small. Lia and Terry will look into locations outside of Providence, we can organize carpools there. Potluck.
    • Last week’s GA was pretty brief, and discussed things that are included in today’s notes.


GA minutes, November 30, 2013

11/30/2013 General Assembly

  • Keeping the pressure on Walmart withanother protest, or protesting othercompanies.
  • Protesting the fact that Kennedy Plaza’s waiting room closes at 7pm — riders should have an indoor place to stay, especially in the winter. We will talk to Ripta Riders Alliance about this.
  • We want to talk with Urban Greens about partnering with them on an indoor community space, waiting for them to get back to us.
  • We may have an Occupy Christmas celebration later this month.

Notes by Randall — comments welcome.