48-Hour Occupation Begins in Providence

Join Occupy Providence in a 48-hour open occupation near
the Verizon building on Empire Street, Saturday through Monday
of Labor Day weekend, leading into Jobs with Justice’s Labor
Day march at 12noon Monday.

An occupation open to all people of good will. We won’t stop advancing the rights of the 99%, and Labor Day is a great time.

We will protest the Verizon CEO’s efforts to cut jobs and squeeze more money from the 99%. We’ll stand against politicians’ efforts to commit more taxpayer money to pay the bankrupt 38 Studios’ Wall Street debt. And our occupation will end just in time to join Jobs with Justice’s Labor Day march, 12noon Monday Sept. 3, from Brown University to the financial district.

Some of our issues:

1) Workers are facing freezing or ending pensions, while pensions for the 1% have soared higher than ever. CEOs like Verizon’s threaten to end job security for their employees, eliminate the two-day weekend, and set new policies with no limits on outsourcing jobs overseas. At the same time, Verizon overcharges its cellphone customers. Many workers are ready to strike over these issues. They need community support to help them realize the strength they have.

2) While cuts are being made to social programs across the city, Brown University is paying a disproportionately small amount in taxes, especially considering the vast amount of property that it owns. A highly lucrative university is being favored over many other areas of the community, including people who work hard to make our city and state economy work.

3) The state of RI has favored supporting millionaire Curt Schilling’s business disaster over creating stable jobs for individuals within RI. We will fight state leaders who’ve offered to use taxpayer money to pay 38 Studios’ leftover Wall Street debt. The money should go to services for the 99% like transportation and education, not for another Wall Street bailout. 38 Studios was the 1%’s fault, and its bankruptcy doesn’t leave taxpayers with any obligation to step in.

4) Occupy Providence is also taking a stand against the mistreatment and discrimination of immigrants in the city and nationally. No human is illegal!

Saturday 9/1

2pm- Move in march! Rally in Burnside park and march through the city to the Verizon building. March, banner drop, and  pickets along the way!
4pm – General Assembly outside Verizon with people’s soap box.
6pm – community time
8pm -Teach-in’s

Sunday 9/2

11am – Working Group meetings
1pm – March to Brown to protest tax inequality BROWN UNIVERSITY PAY YOUR SHARE! Outreach to Brown, promotion of Labor Day march, chalk action throughout city.
3pm – Teach in
4pm – General Assembly
8pm – Art, music and culture time

Monday 9/3

11am- March up to Brown to get to Labor Day rally early.
12pm – Join Jobs with Justice’s Labor Day march from Brown’s Main Green to the Financial District
Meet after the march, time TBA

Other events and teach-in speakers TBA
RI politicians have favored the rich over the needy, and CEOs have favored profits over people. We have no future unless the 99% stand up. We need your help. On Saturday September 1, join the occupation outside Verizon!


  • Facebook event page for OP’s 48-hour occupation, Sep 1-3: http://www.facebook.com/events/335190899904892/
  • Facebook event page for Jobs with Justice’s Labor Day march, Mon Sep 3: https://www.facebook.com/events/274434885996633/

Occupy the House of Compassion

The House of Compassion is a community residence in Cumberland, RI for those living with HIV/AIDS and other disabilities. It opened in 1994 and has cared for over 900 residents. Occupy Providence members have formed Occupy the House Of Compassion, whose mission is to save the house, which was auctioned off over overdue water/sewer bill. They are attempting to raise $16000 in order to save the house and to replace the oil burner which was destroyed in a fire on Dec 15, 2011. We must save this amazing loving home!

  • ‘Like’ the Occupy the House of Compassion facebook page
  • Donate at the House of Compassion’s website


Change to the General Assembly Schedule

On 1/27/2012, the general assembly voted to reduce the GA schedule to 2 meeting times a week for winter.


  • Inside Mike’s studio (until new location is found)
  • Outdoors (weather permitting)

GA Agenda:

  • Saturday at 2 pm to accommodate better bus schedule. Working groups will meet, there will be community building, and we will extend the GA to allow for more meeting time.
  • Tuesdays at 6pm-working group report backs, proposals. (standard GA.)

Facilitation can still call emergency GA’s.

Come down to the next GA at Burnside Park, Mike’s studio at 131 Washington street, or another location TBA to participate in direct democracy!


A Victory for Occupy Providence and the people of Rhode Island!

We the people of Occupy Providence have successfully occupied Burnside Park since the 15th of October, 2011. After maintaining a 24-hour-a day-protest, 7 days a week, for more than 100 days, we proclaim that the park is truly the people’s park. Today we celebrate another victory; Occupy Providence has reached an agreement with the City of Providence to open and fund a day center at Emmanuel House for Rhode Islanders who are currently without housing for the duration of winter; in exchange for Occupy Providence agreeing to temporarily suspend the overnight tent occupation in Burnside Park.

Occupy Providence is energized and committed to continue organizing, defending the right to protest, and bringing awareness to economic injustices in our country. We are looking to 2012 as a year of great change for the working class, and we intend to be pivotal to that change.

Our decision to accept the City’s counter proposal for opening the day center does not reflect upon the entirety of our goals in protesting a system where the top 1% controls 46% of the wealth, and the richest 10% controls more than 90% of the wealth. Homelessness is a profoundly important issue that our city, our society, and our country needs to address. For too long, homelessness and poverty have been treated like a personal deficiency rather than a failure of our economic system. The day center is a first step in recognizing the needs of marginalized Rhode Islanders who find themselves homeless. The City, the diocese and advocates all coming together on this agreement is an encouraging new beginning.

However, this is only the beginning. We will continue to go after this culture of corporate greed, “too big to fail” banks, government bail outs, and economic inequality; which is especially egregious in regards to race, sex, gender, age, and class. We will take every opportunity to stand against man-made climate change and the systematic destruction of our global eco-systems by the exponentially expanding industrial and military pollution now threatening our world. We find these issues to be self evidently interconnected and we are proud to announce the victory of opening a day center for persons who would otherwise be up against the elements day in and day out during the harsh New England winter.

We hope this move can inspire the people of Rhode Island to realize that the voice of protest is a powerful one and that together we can achieve the changes we wish to see in our society. Occupy Providence will continue to stand in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement and the hundreds of other ongoing occupations around the country and the world. We send our deepest thanks to those who’ve supported us along the way and we invite you to join us in continuing the struggle in 2012.

We are the 99%. Another world is possible.

January 19: Occupy City Hall!

Jobless? Homeless? Not part of the 1%? Join Us! Occupy City Hall!

Thursday, January 19th

Rally at Burnside statue at 5PM 

March to City Hall at 5:30PM 

GA in City Hall at 6PM

City Council meeting at 7PM

Don’t leave the 99% out in the cold! Across Rhode Island many have lost jobs and have been pushed out of homes by foreclosure. We are occupying Burnside Park and fighting economic injustice. We are not going away!

Abandoned and empty city owned properties lay dormant while people suffer out in the cold. In a city that is home to many affluent corporations and wealthy institutions we refuse to accept anyone freezing on our city streets!

It’s up to us to push for the political will to provide basic human needs. We need you to join us at City Hall to demand that the Mayor and City Council support the 99% and open a day center. We are challenging those who cater to corporate greed over human needs. Bring your sleeping bags! Bring your voices! Bring your friends & family!


*Featured photos are from the 11/20/2011 Rally Against Foreclosures.  Occupy Providence members joined Direct Action for Rights and Equality and the Tenant and Homeowner Association, rallying outside an empty foreclosed home to call attention to the foreclosure crisis and to support Just Cause legislation.