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All Occupy Providence decision-making is conducted in-person at our general assemblies, but it’s supplemented with a robust, very high-volume online discussion group. Anyone is welcome to join this group—you can choose to receive every email, a daily digest of email, or no email & just view it as a forum online—but we ask that you follow these guidelines when posting. (The link to join is at the bottom of this page.)

NOTE: since anyone can join this list, do not write anything that you would not say directly to a police officer or reporter!

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  • If you get the digest email, and you want to reply to something brought up in one of the emails, please reply through the web-based forum available here — this will make it easier to figure out which of the dozens of email threads you’re actually replying to! Of course, if you’re bringing up a new idea, just send a new email instead of replying to the digest.
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  • It can sometimes be hard to convey sarcasm, irony, or deeply felt, genuine emotion through an email. We may be better off reserving complex, weighty discussions for when we’re face-to-face at a GA or elsewhere at the occupation.
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12 thoughts on “Internal Communications

    • Yeah! Why don’t you??!!! Get some companies that are hiring in RI. Set it up! With all your enthusiasm I’m sure it will be a huge success and so many of us need jobs! Only ask businesses that have healthcare and decent wages. Thanks for thinking of the 99%

  1. Hi,

    I’ve been shaping the political discussion in the U.S. for the past 8 years.
    You can’t take my word for that, of course, but my work is on the web for you to see.
    My methods pre-date blogging, much less Twitter.. and I’m told that my emails were regularly forwarded to a quarter million people or more from the first day.

    I predicted the collapse of the U.S. Economy and the explosion of ID Theft in late 2003.

    At present I’ve got a readership of over 600,000 which includes a lot of key decision makers across the world.

    My most recent work was done at request by some of them.. and life has gotten a touch easier since I stopped trying to do everything myself.

    A movement has more impact with a spokesman solidly conversant with the issues and with an ironclad determination to see them thru.

    Most of those I’ve mentioned refer to me with names that would cheapen this email, so I won’t include them.

    But they trust me. Because I tell the ugly, unpleasant truths that are the only real path to getting anything fixed.

    Take a hard look at me and see what you think.

    If you’ll help me, I don’t seek political office in a badly broken system.

    I want to be everyone’s favorite uncle and be able to bang on the systems from outside.. where it can’t be said I have any conflicts of interest.

    That’s all I can think to say. I want things to change. And if you look
    hard, you’ll see that I’m the one that’s pushed things to where you picked them up.

    I was talking about the 1% in 2004 (and then, I wasn’t the first.. just the first to be noticed because I put my name and address on what I said). I also said then that Murdoch had to be run Out of the U.S. for LYING.. they were referring to it much too politely. I also suggested, since my emails were international, that other world leaders should rid their media of his tentacles too.

    None of which would have been necessary if they hadn’t repealed the Fairness Doctrine.. turns out that that’s the ONLY thing that can keep Deception OUT of “Free Speech”.

    The double dip recession Can Be Ended Immediately by someone with the guts to Stand up and Say it.

    The U.S. DOJ stopped the Merger of two big companies recently because it would cause 20,000 Jobs to become “redundant”.

    That was the public reason given.

    We can similarly demand, by plebiscite/referendum if necessary, that the Conglomerates, starting with the five corporations that Own All 14,000 News Media companies, all SELL OFF all of their subsidiaries.

    The resulting thousands of separate companies will require at least Ten Million extra employees and still be Profitable.

    But if some of them Fail,, they won’t take anyone else down.

    Sorry, I can write for days and not repeat myself.

    Help Me Help Us.?


    Greg Stafford
    2 Kimball Court,
    Woburn, MA 01801
    978-697-8935 (lv msg)


    also, we should support the following MSNBC Effort at
    a Final solution for Campaign Finance..


    Dylan Ratigan and his MSNBC Show have finally started an
    Initiative Petition drive to force one last and hopefully
    Final Campaign Finance reform to get private money out of Campaign coffers.

    As a constitutional amendment. Its already written by a professional
    and right there for people to read.

    We’ll have to see if we can actually make it stick, but if we can at least

    create a requirement that no private money (that’s the ideal.. using nothing but tax dollars would put a final stop to politicians Having to spend more than half of every day at fundraisers of some kind, or on the phone asking for money.. for which they have to promise something..)

    can Enter a politician’s account of any kind. Campaign or otherwise.

    If no one can legally GIVE them any money, they are less obligated.

    Return of the Fairness Doctrine will make it harder for the bad guys, like the Koch brothers, to use their money to HURT politicians that won’t play ball.
    In short.. if there’s a way to help push the effort below,
    its a really large step toward making things better.


    And here are some other excellent Ideas for Change..


    • Hi there —

      At the moment we’re not posting discussions and commentary here, but only announcements and meeting minutes. (We may change this policy in the future.) I’ll forward your note to the media working group.

      If you’d like to continue the conversation, your best bet is to come to the General Assembly and bring it up in person tonight!

      Thanks for your input!

  2. there will be a Street Medic training this Sunday, 30 Oct. at 2pm
    at OP, Burnside Park. It will be a shorter “Affinity Medic Training” approx 3hr.
    all welcome to attend

  3. Asian Palace
    1190 North Main Street Providence, RI 02904
    Friday 6:30pm

    Occupy Providence, I saw a big banner over 95 demanding no bailout for 38 Studios Bondholders- you know the time and place, put your money where your mouth is and Representative 38 tomorrow night and let him know how you feel!

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