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Basic GA Agenda

  • Welcome and orientation
  • Working group report backs
  • Working group proposals
  • Individual proposals
  • Announcements
  • Speakers List

Safe Space

The Occupy Providence General Assembly is a non-violent movement.  Violent or destructive behavior or tactics are not welcome

Discrimination based on race, sex, gender, orientation, ability, religion, legal status or age is not welcome. This includes sexist, homophobic, trans-phobic, and racist speech, chanting, writing, and action.

We are (by majority vote) a drug and alcohol free assembly and occupation. Cigarette smokers are asked to please smoke a respectful distance from non-smokers.

Occupy Providence and facilitators strive towards making this space safe for all to participate, please approach one of the facilitators after GA if you feel this is not being done.

Guiding principals of the GA:

* We use participatory decision-making to work towards consensus

* We strive for the best decision that reflects the best interests of whole group, not competition or pitting one opinion against another

* The GA is focused around the questions: What do we need? How do we get it?

* The GA is based on free association: you are not obliged to carry out anything you do not agree with


* The GA is guided by facilitators. Facilitators do not have special authority and it is the right and the duty of people in the GA to keep them on task and on topic, just as it’s the facilitators role to help keep them on task and on topic.

* To become a facilitator, join the facilitation working group

GA Communication

We use hand signals express ourselves during the GA. We’ve found that cheering, yelling, and clapping interrupt the flow of conversation, so we’ve found these signals to be helpful.

The signals are:

  • I agree: hands up
  • I disagree: hands down
  • I sort of agree, not sure how I feel: hands at midway
  • I have a clarifying question: make a “c” with hand
  • I have point of information (relevant information to share): make an “i” with one finger
  • Point of process (I don’t think we’re following process): Make a pyramid with both hands)
  • Time to move on, wrap up: both arms in rolling motion
  • Block (I’m offended, will leave this group if this issue isn’t addressed): arms in an X

“People’s mic”. If you can’t hear someone, ask for mic check. The GA will then repeat every word that you say so that you can be heard.

Voting process:

Anybody can make a proposal. Once a proposal is made, the floor is open to discussion. Vote is called. Folks can vote for, vote against, or block. 75% majority wins (not 90%), unless there is a block. If there are blocks, floor is open for those who blocked to explain why they blocked. When discussion ends, vote is called. 75% majority passes.

11 thoughts on “About the General Assembly

  1. I wish you all good luck. I will try to donate something. I do hope the group will also concern themselves with the outrageous cost of health insurance in Rhode Island. I would have to pay $600 per month for an individual plan. I work part time, so am not offered that benefit with the company I am with. Last week I had to find $199 for a single shingles shot. I have a dental plan as it’s cheap, but if something catastrophic happens to me, I don’t know what I would do. I still have 5 years before I can pick up Medicare. Please include this issue.

    • Look up Health/AccessRI. There are some doctors, usually Family Practitioners, (Hillside Family and Community Health Care in Pawtucket & Scituate), which have a deal that I think of as a “people’s health insurance”, where for $25 per month and a $5 co-pay you can be seen for medical care on their “sick today – seen today” policy , so you don’t even need Urgent Cares anymore. They have connections for meds, also, and very good doctors, pretty much aligned with Brown Med School. Good luck & good health – and let’s add universal healthcare to our list of demands. The watered down nothing that is even being blocked by the right wing is no where near adequate. We need an inclusive system open to all, like England, Canada, Italy, and every other industrialized – but-caring country in the world.

  2. Do you have the email address of Col Pare` and Mayor Angel Tavares? I wish to email them in behalf of the movement.

    Tom O’Neill

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  4. Can I make a request?
    I’m a working parent and don’t have available time for most public dissent actions you are proposing. I would really appreciate a list or set of direct action options or techniques that I could examine and choose to put into practice. I have to say I appreciated the move your money campaign – as it happens my wife and I had done that last year, and our banking and mortgages are all with Columbus Credit Union.
    Occupy in my view is very much based on individual citizens creating the actual change they desire. We sympathetic suburban types really need information about ways to support this. I believe the dedicated folks in the movement could really help with lists and actions that can serve as force multipliers for Occupy values.
    A small example could be as follows: my wife and I made a list of people we wanted to give Christmas presents to, and then made a list of the stores we wanted to spend our money at, and that’s where we are doing our shopping. There’s a lot of money being spent on holiday purchases this month. Please help this spending be channeled toward sympathetic retailers.
    Anyway you get the idea. I will gladly continue this conversation with anyone who wishes to contact me about this.

  5. A suggestion regarding your shelter demand for homeless people in connection with your disbanding : insist that the city officials seek funding from the corpororations who over the past decade have received sizeable tax breaks. You may recall that Hasbro recievev a million or more from the city and state relative to moving its corporate offices to Providence; yet last year its CEO received compensation of $24 Million! And Hasbro boasts it will not be bringing back the jobs it sent to China! Check out Westin and CVS(always at the trough for large breaks, and now its CEO retires with a package of more than $50 million and establishes residence in Florida to avoid RI taxes.) Cities like Providence are tapped out largely because of their capitualtions to large corporations.

  6. I strongly urge you to visit the http://www.awakenedhearts.com website and buy a book or ebook called The Code. This is a book God dictated to these channelers David and Celest telling us about the origins of the dark shadow forces that have deceived us on this planet for centuries. He also talks about our souls evolution. Below is a description of the book from amazon. I hope the information will be helpful to you. I think you should also look at the other information and books on the awakenedhearts.com website, the galacticchannelings.com website and pass it on to other members of the occupy movement. I believe the occupy movement is a big part of the evolutionary changes to rid the planet of these dark controllers.

    Book description
    The Code is an astonishing book. The presence of God is unmistakable as He reveals in-depth information of long-held secrets of the Illuminati’s origins and their plans for all the human races and for Terra as well. He offers detailed information explaining why He could only speak of these matters now. God effectively and neatly ties together each step a Soul takes on and off-world. He also reveals information heretofore unknown about Souls, their migrations, their interplanetary connections and how these connections interact with each race and the ways and means by which all Souls are watched over. He speaks very fluently and decisively in this book and makes it very clear to everyone that He will not brook any more complacency by people. He offers information about Soul Partnerships that occur here and off-world. God reveals information that no one here has been privy to before. God speaks very clearly and VERY determinedly in His quest to abide by the timeline He has been granted. This is the first time any of this information has been permitted to be revealed. The book is very moving, very intense and infinitely beautiful in the way that only God can write. ~ Celest and David ~ God’s introduction OK now, this is the part where I begin to explain some unknown but crucially important information to each of you. This is only part of the knowledge of certain events and actions that has long been withheld from you. The Lives you change along the way -Do you think it is possible for you as an individual to change someone’s life who may be thousands of miles away without ever meeting them? Uncivil Behavior -OK Children; in case I neglected to tell you before…do not expect Me to epitomize sweetness or to behave in any manner that can be construed as overly laidback in this book or the remaining books of this series. I Speak on War -War is an aphrodisiac for the mentally challenged and Spiritually deprived. Angels -I do not want any of you to walk into your new lives here without having properly assimilated information relative to true Earth history. Soul Partnerships -There comes a time in every person’s lifetime when they will be faced with the choice of either honoring the agreements they originally set into motion long before incarnating here on Earth, or they will choose to break or alter the agreement to pursue other ventures. Fanaticism and Ideology -The topics I have chosen for this particular codex are particularly important because of the causal impact they have had and will continue to have on you each as human beings. The Four Horsemen of the Global Conspiracy -I realize far better than you think I do that some topics I choose may be unpalatable to you, simply because I speak about issues that are difficult for you to bear. A Snapshot for Eternity -Prior to your scheduled departures from other realms to either the Earth Star planet or to another world, you are each sent many imagings which have been predetermined to be the ones to best assist you during your upcoming journeys. A Deterrent to the Preservation of the Realm -You see Children, because the soon-to-be true NEW nature of Terra will be unveiled for all Universes to see and rejoice with, I have decided that.. The Intent of Surveillance -In the defense and preservation of all of the realms We are responsible for, We who are the Creators, Co-Creators and Overseers of each Universe must always be aware of any changes within each and every movement of the realms and Universes. Machinations -OK now, since a part of My mission in these books is to further instill truth in your minds while continuing to have truth displace illusions, I see no reason for Me to stop now. Decoding the Code -Children, when you see the enemy and understand who and what it really is, then you can defeat it through sheer mind-thought. In MY situation, none of Us here can actively intervene or interfere here UNLESS We are specifically requested to do so..

  7. Dear Occupy Providence,

    My name is Briana Garcia, and I’m a junior at a small charter school in Pawtucket: Blackstone Academy Charter School. I am taking a biomedical ethics course and my class and I would like to produce a documentary about health care inequalities in Rhode Island and issues around the health care reform. Our goal is to expose how the American health care system is unfit to meet the needs of the people and to educate people about the possibilities of a better health care system. If anyone is interested in being interviewed for our documentary or knows anyone who would be, please let me know as soon as possible.

    Thank you,
    Briana Garcia

  8. I believe that my novel [information attached] could be useful to the Occupy Movement, which inspired its re-release as an e-book with a new cover. It was initially published as a paperback before the Wall Street economic debacle became obvious, but it remains relevant to the current situation. Please share the novel information with your members. Here’s hoping that it proves to be a useful symbol.
    Remedy: D.E.T.O.X.X. America
    (Politics/Finance // Mystery/Suspense)

    Amazon E-book / Novel $2.99

    What’s the difference between reality and fiction?
    Fiction makes sense.

    Politics: Money Power versus People Power
    Corrupt Financial Interests
    Collapse of Stock Markets and Banks
    Unique Love Affair
    Space Station Sabotage
    Signals from an Alien Planet

    Reality? Fiction?

    “An allegorical novel that intertwines the volatile economic and political landscape of America with the cultural conflicts of an advanced alien race….In a clever play on worlds, the discord faced by the Pisceans [aliens] is eerily comparable to events occurring in America.” ~ KIRKUS REVIEWS

    Author Harold Kuester taught philosophy and religion in a city easily mistaken for the one where the March on Washington chronicled in this novel begins. He has a long-standing commitment to “promote the general welfare” and “establish justice.“ Wishing the Occupy movement every success, he offers his novel, hoping it will inspire courage and perseverance, as well as offering a good read.

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