GA minutes, September 13, 2014

  • The New York climate march on Sunday the 21st: somebody please bring the Occupy banner
  • Police brutality: for lack of time and this important topic will be revisited
  • FERC hearing about the natural gas pipeline expansion: please attend the hearing to testify.  There is no specific OP position, other than the consensus that this is a terrible idea.  Put an announcement with specifics on the various listservs and Facebook

Post GA follow up:
On September 14, Peter sent out this message containing possible inspiration for testimonials:

What: FERC public hearing on the AIM pipeline expansion project
Crystal Lake Golf Club
100 Bronco Highway
Mapleville, RI 02839
When: September 16 @ 6:30pm
Facebook event:

This Tuesday there will be a hearing on the proposed pipeline expansion to bring more fracked natural gas to Rhode Island.  This is a terrible idea!
Instead of growing sustainable, distributed energy, as Larry Wilkerson, Colin Powell’s former chief of staff, formulated it, our policy is ” let’s just keep being predators and watch the planet cast us off, because the planet is going to cast a soft, or at least a sizable majority of us.”

As Rhode Island imports natural gas, it will export death and destruction to the people near the drilling sites.  Most of these are now located in Pennsylvania, but extreme-extraction wells are short-lived and they are spreading like wildfire across the US.

Maps of the RI Department of Health of asthma show a higher prevalence of asthma insurance claims in the section of Burrillville near the gas compressor station.  Is it causing this?  That is not clear, but is ignorance a solid basis for the planned expansion?

Our governors and congressional delegations, in their unwavering support of the 1%, have lined up behind this proposed “‘Green’ Bridge to Hell.”   They have also tried to make these vital decisions behind closed doors.  They claim that pipeline expansion will lower the price of fuel, but the gas may end up going to world market where its price is much higher than in the US.

Please come and testify.  We have to stop this crime against the People and Life on Earth!

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