GA minutes, June 21, 2014

6 OP members in attendance.  2 members of Occupy Boston and 1 of Occupy Atlanta (3 more OP members came late)

  • Robert Malin is planning a video chronicling OP’s history especially as he saw it through his eyes.  Lia will help him gather photos and videos and interviews. Robert is interested in getting in touch with Dave who took a lot of video. We discussed Taveras’ role and the upcoming gubernatorial election.
  • We were unanimous about a feeling of wanting to be for causes rather than against. We are planning peace actions during the summer and fall. We discussed various focuses and goals including advocating peaceful solutions in the middle east, demanding peace education, and legislation.
  • Various locations and dates for the summer action were proposed.  We settled on early August but no exact date yet.  There are a couple of parks in Providence that would be suitable.  Children and different health and healing ideas will be a part of the action.
  • The fall action will be in South County on September 21st.  A coalition of groups will be involved. (Comment added by Peter: also mark September 20th and 21st on your calendar to Demand Action on Climate Change in NYC.)
  • Inventory is finished.
  • We discussed having at least one of us but maybe more at every possible candidate’s forum or similar event during the upcoming election season. Peter will be on the lookout for these opportunities and keep us informed. (and added: “He’ll need all the help he can get.”)
Notes by Amber — forgotten items can always be added.


  • Next meeting at the People’s Park next Saturday?  The UUs will be in town full force, their big yearly gathering in in Providence this year.
  • Thursday at 11:30 AM is the rally for fair wages at the Renaissance Hotel

Rally – No Military Intervention in Iraq — June 21, 2014

When: Saturday, June 21, 2014, 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm

Where: Burnside Park, downtown Providence
  • Reject any military intervention in Iraq and stop supply of arms. Say no to calls for air strikes and “military advisers.”
  • Rely dialogue and diplomacy with all involved locally and globally.
  • Nobody, but the U.S., believes that more violence and unilateral intervention will fix what the U.S. has broken in Iraq.
  • The U.S. must act from the understanding that it has lost its moral standing, even though it remains financially responsible to fix the mess it has created.
  • More generally, the U.S. should put an end to its immoral policies which have created an “arc of instability”

    Across the Greater Middle East, jihadism and al-Qaeda wannabes of every sort are on the rise, while terror groups are destabilizing regions from Pakistan to northern Africa.

  • The time for peace making and humanitarian aid is now!
  • Take a minute to call the White House comment line: 202-456-1111

I tend to agree with most of what William Rivers Pitt has to say about Iraq, but I only partially agree with the following:

They should be in orange jumpsuits and fetters, picking mealworms out of their gruel while shuttered in very small, very grim, very inescapable metal rooms.”

The “they” here are the neo-cons and those who bought their stories, i.e., most of the spineless, corrupt duopoly. Actually, it includes the vast majority of us “who lean at the corner and say ‘We have done our best.'”

Yes, put the gang leaders of this war crimes on trial; find them guilty, expose their crimes and then let them go home to think about their misdeeds in ignominy.

Act Now: Pass Historic Agreement of Community & Police

The Rhode Island anti-racial profiling bill which civil-rights advocates have worked long and hard on is now stuck in the Senate, and politicians are about to go home after they pass the budget. Time is short, but if we act fast we can get this bill passed!

Please sign and share this petition

Act Now: Pass Historic Agreement of Community & Police

Then please call Senate and House leaders, and your own legislators: Senate President Paiva-Weed, 222-6655 or — House. Speaker Mattiello, 401.222.4266 or Ask Paiva-Weed to pass the Community-Police Relationship Act now while we have this rare agreement to prevent racial profiling in our State. Ask Mattiello for the quick introduction of this bill.

The Senate bill is S2976.

The 1% Vampire Class and their entitlement issues

Property is theft! The French anarchist Pierre-Joseph Proudhon said it in 1840, but we seem to have forgotten. Well, here we have, John Hazen White, celebrated entrepreneur and “do-gooder,” one of those entitled rich boys doing us the favor of reminding us how this all works: Property is not only theft, it’s also a mighty weapon of mass extortion:

Wipe it [the estate tax] out totally or get it competitive. Because I will tell you as I sit here today as a private business owner, if that isn’t repealed or tremendously modified, I will have to move out of this state.

Picture of vampire squid

Listen up, Johnie and all of you entitled rich, why don’t you all move out of State? Be our guest — good riddance! We, the People of Rhode Island, are fed up with your entitlement issues and your extortion.

This, dear Johnie, is how we’ll be competitive, while we celebrate the departure of your destructive, capitalist ideology.  We’ll take over your precious little private business  &mdahs; yes, we can— and we’ll give it to the folks who do the actual work.

Johnie, do you really think that the workers want to be wage slaves in your little, medieval fiefdom? Of course not! They will run the place just fine and take good care of it  They’ll be good citizens who won’t indulge in your smug blackmail.

There is no room in our world for the Vampire Class of the Entitled Rich

No room in our world for the Vampire Class of the Entitled Rich

And you know what, Johnie, those workers will be our fellow Rhode Islanders and our neighbors. They will live here among us with their families and friends. They will cherish our communities. Why would they want to move out of state? No, they won’t!  And you know what, Johnie, they will provide stability to the state and they will take care of the environment. They won’t do what you, Johnie and vampire squid class do habitually: destroy Mother Earth in one place and then move on the greener pastures elsewhere.

Okay, Johnie, why don’t you move on and go tell your entitled rich friends what our business plan is. See ya!

Let our People pay!

Providence, May 29, 2014

Demonstrators rally against paying 38 Studios debt

Linc Chafee — as always a staunch defender of the rights of the 1%, last rites of the People and the received wisdom of privatizing profit and socializing risk — has included $12.5 million in the budget to pay off the debt.

Protest at State House
But a Paul Hubbard was quoted:

We see this as another scam of the 1 percent versus the 99 percent, similar to the ’08 bailout of the Wall Street banks.