May Day, Mayday, May Day!

Mayday, Mayday, Mayday! Planet Earth has been hijacked by capitalism run wild. The 1% are working relentlessly on a global, clandestine project with code name Climate Chaos Now!

What is left but love and compassion in this world where debt and borders have been exposed as ploys to maintain poverty, this most vicious form of violence? What is left but solidarity in this world where patents and intellectual property right are nothing but murder weapons that leave no finger prints?

Here is the May Day Providence 2014 Video Release which opens with:

Millions and millions of workers around the world today are demanding fair and just wages for the working class!

This year’s May Day march started at Burger King on Broad Street in Providence in solidarity with fast-food workers, who in big numbers across country are getting organized to take the edge off the wage slavery under which they are toiling.

The march stopped at the Hilton and Renaissance hotels, where the movement to get organized is reaching gale-force strength. Both hotels are run by Procaccianti Group of Greed which has been cited several times by OSHA and the National Labor Relations Board for unsafe work conditions and “multiple acts of interfering with, restraining and coercing employee organizing rights.” For more details look here.

Other majors issues driving the march were:

  • Just Cause, regulations that

    expand tenants’ rights and stem the tide of homelessness and blight in working-class communities of color. Advancing Just Cause and other tenant protections in multiple states and municipalities across the country, is a major component of Right to the City’s Homes For All campaign.

  • Stop ICE holds. Here is a the case of Antonio to illustrate what is at stake:

    Antonio was taken into custody on two charges of driving on an expired license, and has a minor record from nearly a decade ago. He also has two charges of driving without a license. Immigration is interested in Antonio because in 2010, he traveled to Mexico to be with his family after his sister passed away. On his way back to the United States, he was stopped at the border and deported. Since he has been back, Antonio has lived a peaceful and productive life, working as a laborer and putting down roots in his community.

    The following is the first part of a letter you might want to send to RI Governor Linc Chafee:

    I am writing to urge you to take action against the honoring of immigration detainers in Rhode Island, a policy and practice that has had a disastrous effect on our state. Immigration detainers, also known as Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) holds leads to separation of families, fosters fear and distrust of law enforcement within immigrant communities, and has needlessly cost the state tax-payer money.

    For the rest of this letter look here.

Check the Occupy Providence calendar for more events. See you there!