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In May of 2000 Noam Chomsky wrote:

Assaulting Solidarity – Privatizing Education

There has been a general assault in the last 25 years on solidarity, democracy, social welfare, anything that interferes with private power, and there are many targets. One of the targets is undoubtedly the educational system. In fact, a couple of years ago already, the big investment firms, like Lehman Brothers, and so on, were sending around brochures to their clients saying, “Look, we’ve taken over the health system; we’ve taken over the prison system; the next big target is the educational system. So we can privatize the educational system, make a lot of money out of it.”

Privatization is in the air we breathe and in the mayor we elect:

Hey, you don’t rebrand unless you’ve got a problem. Apparently the Democrats have decided to change the name of the same old menu of privatization.

Brilliant! But also deeply dishonest and misleading to the public. Why don’t they run on what they believe in? Because they’re scared of America’s “populist tendencies” which I guess means “elections”. They have to get elected!

Privatization, which in higher education is the equivalent of a 50% corporate tax flowing to the Heirs of Lehman Brothers, has been a success story and it will continue until we stop it. Who needs autocracies like this? In the meantime, the CEOs of Education rule for the 1%, and they throw under the bus whomever they consider a threat to their corporate brands. This is what happened with my friend Andrew Winters at URI.

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GA minutes, March 29, 2014

In last Saturday’s GA, we endorsed some upcoming events, some of which have already happened: