United Anti-Poverty Action Wednesday April 2nd

United Anti-Poverty Action
With new leadership in the House of Representatives, United Action by the RI Mobilization Against Poverty — a coalition of the poor, the unemployed, and and the working people living in poverty who have had their fill of budget cuts, unemployment, and low wages — will have their first rally at the State House on April 2nd.

Inspired by the ‘Moral Mondays’ campaign in North Carolina, Martin Luther King’s “Poor Peoples Campaign and FDR’s New Deal calling for an Economic Bill of Rights that includes a living wage as called for by A Phillip Randolf (which would be $15 in today’s dollars), they will be ‘front & center’ in the RI Statehouse because Economic Justice must be ‘front & center’ on the agenda of all local, state and national officials.

April 2nd Wednesday at 4:30pm — endorsed by Occupy Providence

Rhode Island State House Rotunda

April 2, 2014: New RI Anti-Poverty Mobilization — video of genesis

GA minutes, March 1, 2014

3/1/2014 General Assembly

    • Urban league discussed and ideas of a coalition of progressives to take over, repair and continue services tentatively considered.The National Lawyers Guild is having an event to honor progressive women Lawyers and our Layer Miriam is speaking. Wed. 6pm Prov. (see prev. email).
    • The ACLU has some civil libeties bills coming up on Tuesday re: surveillance of license plates, drones etc. ACLU bills on:
      • expunging misdemeanors from criminal records 10 years later
      • restricting drones, warrants for cellphone search
      • restricting cellphone location tracking
      • restricting GPS bugs placed on cars
      • social media privacy for students and employees

      We endorse this.

    • RI civil rights roundtable is deciding what bills that they’ll favor. The racial profiling bill not final, waiting for updates.
    • The Providence Student Union has said that if we find a social justice space that they’re very interested.

GA minutes, February 15 & 22, 2014

  • We are interested in trying out an option for people to join the General Assembly by video. I would have to buy a new lapto
    p for this.,/li>

  • We endorsed Mariah’s presentation on Friday the 28th (yesterday) at URI on marijuana legalization.
  • Mariah, Lia and Pia went to a protest Feb. 8 against the Salem, Massachusetts natural gas plant, organized by 350.org and ot
    her groups.
  • On working with Urban Greens to make an indoor community space, there’s no real news but I’ve heard informally from people in the Urban Greens that they really are too busy now to talk with us — I’ll try again after they’ve decided what property to buy.
  • Chafee has proposed cutting the business tax from 9% to 6%, should we protest this when there’s a hearing about it?