Five days ’til May Day!

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Watch this video about May Day 2012 in Providence!

Do you have a grill, cooler, or other equipment we can borrow for the day? Can you donate food, water, or ice?  Please go to the link below to sign up to help make May Day 2012 a success!


Other May Day events in Providence:

It’s Time for RI’s Millionaires to Pay Their Fair Share

One of the Occupy Movement’s fundamental concerns is that the wealthy have entirely too much power in this country. It is impossible to have a real democracy when the economic resources of the country are so imbalanced in favor of the rich. One way to start dealing with this issue is to demand that our government officials stop giving tax breaks to wealthy individuals and corporations. This practice has resulted in an alarming increase in the government’s deficit, it has robbed social programs of the funding they need to provide all Americans with affordable housing, health care, and education, and it has taken money from the very job training programs that would enable unemployed workers to find work.

OCCUPY PROVIDENCE IS TAKING A FIRST STEP TOWARD MORE EQUITABLE TAXATION IN OUR STATE. We are holding an action on Tuesday, April 24, at the State House, in support of bills to raise the percentage paid in state taxes by wealthy Rhode Islanders.

Please join us for an important–and fun–action next Tuesday. We will be meeting on the sidewalk in front of the Statehouse (on the train station side) at 4:45 p.m.

Invite your friends!  Get there early on Tuesday, and YOU can wear a Robin Hood costume!!/events/337985052922401/

Upcoming Spring Events!

Hello dear friends of Occupy Providence!

As the weather has gotten gradually warmer, we have begun to re-locate our General Assemblies back to their original location at Burnside Park, AKA The People’s Park! Unfortunately, the park has been fenced off for maintenance, but we continue to meet just outside the park’s fence facing Kennedy Plaza, with the rain location being the tunnel with painted tiles in Waterplace park.

Photo by Mel St. Laurent

Our family-friendly general assembly, an open democratic meeting of the 99% where OP’s main decisions are made, meets twice a week– Please join us!

As always, check the OP Calendar for updated announcements and details.


There are many exciting things going on in our community, many of which can be found on the Occupy Providence website calendar, which is updated several times a day. We encourage folks who would like to get involved with OP to check the calendar regularly for working group meetings, actions, workshops, and local or allied events. Any person who wants to become involved in a working group, action, event or workshop is welcome and encouraged to do so! We are looking forward to several upcoming events:


It’s time to STAND UP! FIGHT BACK! On April 22nd, Occupy Sexism*, sponsored by the Rhode Island Anti-Sexism League, will be a day of action in effort to continue the dialogue around rape culture**, inspired the Slutwalk*** Toronto event of 2011, as well as carry the conversation one step further to address the many forms of sexism women, men, and persons of every gender face today.

Please join us for a day of speakers, rallying, and workshops that aim to bring awareness to and discuss way to fight back against; attacks on women and the GLBT community, reproductive rights, rape culture, sexual assault in the military, sexism in the Occupy movement, sex workers, and more.

Visit Occupy Sexism’s facebook event page.


May Day Providence 2012 will be a great event organized by the May Day Coalition! For the past month, representatives from community organizations and unions have been gathering to plan the May 1st march in solidarity with workers and immigrants, as well as festivities to celebrate our rich and diverse histories. We are planning for a big day of marching, celebrating, speakers, activities, and food, so be sure to mark your calendar!

For more details visit the May Day Providence 2012 website.

If you can, please help fund this event by donating here.


As part of the efforts to save the community residence from eviction, The house of Compassion is initiating a fun weekend of painting, as well as a cookout and fun and games! In order to pass a building inspection, HOC needs supporters to help paint inside and touch up the outside of the house where paint is peeling. Please come help out, and afterwards we will eat food and be merry at this beautiful home! The more hands, the better! Visit the facebook event page here.

The House of Compassion is a community residence in Cumberland, RI for those living with HIV/AIDS and other disabilities. Read more about the HOC here. If you can, please donate to help save the home from eviction at their website.

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