Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Mexico visit OP!

Hey all. Here’s a brief report back from our first InterOcc event, AKA the Occutrip!

  •  Around 5:45 the OCCU-BUS ARRIVED! Lots of beeping and shouting and awesome vibes!
  •  The occupiers(21) from OWS and Occupy Mexico arrived and lots of hugs were shared!
  • We all got together for a group photo on the statue and started rallying! Lot’s of chanting and singing and dancing!
  • From there we headed to Libertalia for a potluck dinner! Lots of drumming and talking!
  • We held a brief meeting between the Occutrippers and bottom liners (Amanda & Annie Rose) to discuss itinerary and sleeping arrangements as well as bus parking etc etc.
  • We planned a skill share for tomorrow at 12 noon to discuss skills we can share that may help the movement! So if you have anything you can contribute please come down.

The occutrippers all have somewhere to sleep whether it be the park or indoors and plan to take part of any meetings we have tomorrow! They WILL be joining us at our rally tomorrow also! They love it here and we love them being here. Channel 10 showed up (womp womp)

I plan to have a dance party in the domes or outside weather permitting to send them off properly! If anyone can find that generator we used just for one night it would help!

Thanks for reading! Please come tomorrow for the rally and to make them feel welcome.!

In solidarity and struggle,

MaGee (Amanda,Dj MaGee,Dj Autonomous,your sister/friend)