January 19: Occupy City Hall!

Jobless? Homeless? Not part of the 1%? Join Us! Occupy City Hall!

Thursday, January 19th

Rally at Burnside statue at 5PM 

March to City Hall at 5:30PM 

GA in City Hall at 6PM

City Council meeting at 7PM

Don’t leave the 99% out in the cold! Across Rhode Island many have lost jobs and have been pushed out of homes by foreclosure. We are occupying Burnside Park and fighting economic injustice. We are not going away!

Abandoned and empty city owned properties lay dormant while people suffer out in the cold. In a city that is home to many affluent corporations and wealthy institutions we refuse to accept anyone freezing on our city streets!

It’s up to us to push for the political will to provide basic human needs. We need you to join us at City Hall to demand that the Mayor and City Council support the 99% and open a day center. We are challenging those who cater to corporate greed over human needs. Bring your sleeping bags! Bring your voices! Bring your friends & family!


*Featured photos are from the 11/20/2011 Rally Against Foreclosures.  Occupy Providence members joined Direct Action for Rights and Equality and the Tenant and Homeowner Association, rallying outside an empty foreclosed home to call attention to the foreclosure crisis and to support Just Cause legislation.