Sanitation meeting minutes, 11/7/11

Facilitator: Jared
Meeting Minutes: Sarah

Overview of sanitation group

Raking, emptying trash cans, picking up trash, pick up clothes, tarps, etc. lying around. The city comes every Monday between 10:00-noon to pick up our garbage provided we have it set aside in neat piles. We are on our own for recycling. There are rubber gloves and trash bags available in the food tent. We get a high volume of media, it’s important to keep the park looking presentable. Roughly 20-30,000 people a day walk past our park, the fences facing KP are essentially our front yard, we need to keep them as neat and presentable as possible.

Don, a farmer from Charleston, has volunteered to come pick up our recycling twice a week. We have his number if we need more frequent pick up. (EDIT: Don says he’ll come when he can, no need to call.)


Proposed noon meeting time followed by clean up. Passed.

Jared proposed a regular night time clean up of 10:00pm (on nights when there is no coordinating meeting or other big meetings) and 11:00pm (on nights when there is a coordinating meeting or other big meeting). Passed. 

Peyote proposed a post-lunch 3:00pm clean up. Passed. 

Jared’s proposal to take to the GA: To empower Don (who is an organic farmer) to reseed areas of the park, starting with the area between the statue and the food tent. Passed. *Jared will make the proposal to the GA.

Other suggestions/concerns

Peyote suggested putting trash bags in recycle bins to make them easier to empty.

Jared suggested a recycling/clean up tour tonight to let folks know where stuff is.

Comfort needs help taking down and storing empty tents – we are willing to help out with that.

Sarah suggested sanitation be responsible for picking up signs that get left piled around.

Sarah volunteered to facilitate tomorrow’s sanitation meeting.

Meeting adjourned. 

2 thoughts on “Sanitation meeting minutes, 11/7/11

  1. A couple of minor corrections: I run a small, organic farmstead (five acres); I am not a landscaper. The suggestions I have given re: reseeding are based this experience.

    Re: recycling pickup: I can come when I can come; perhaps once a week, typically.

    • Thanks, Don — I’ve forwarded your comment to the discussion list & edited the post above to reflect these correction. We appreciate your support!

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