General Assembly scheduling update

The general assembly voted to alter our format and schedule of future GAs. Here’s the new plan!

Weekly GA schedule

Here's the new GA plan in weekly-calendar format.

New General Assembly Schedule

  • Every Sunday, Wednesday, and Saturday, from 3PM to 5PM
  • Every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, from 6PM to 8PM

General Assemblies on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday won’t accept proposals and will instead make room for working groups to meet. GAs on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday will remain in the normal format, accepting proposals from working groups and individuals.

Remember, everyone is welcome at every GA, regardless of how much you’ve been involved in the past weeks — but please read + respect our community guidelines on process and safe space HERE.

Monday morning visitor


A note from an Occupier, Monday November 7th:

Monday morning starts off with a bang! Mr. Sheldon Whitehouse visited by Occupy Providence to show support for our movement! He stated the park looks better than it ever has and members of Occupy Providence encouraged him to continue to fight for the Constitutional Amendment he recently introduced to correct the unjust supreme court ruling (Citizens United vs. F.E.C.) which allows unlimited corporate campaign donations.