Occupy City Hall: Round Two

On Thursday, December 1, 2011, at City Hall, 25 Dorrance St., Providence, RI, a resolution in support of the Occupy Providence movement and a proposed change to the city ordinances will come up for a vote. The widely supported Occupy Providence movement is calling on the Providence City Council to pass both.

Join Occupy Providence, December 1, 2011, to show that City Hall belongs to the 99%. A rally will begin at 5pm at Burnside Park, aka The People’s Park, they invite the public ––sympathizers as well as those wishing to learn more about our movement–– to come out and join them. Over 100 people were in attendance on November 17, during which Councilmen Luis Aponte and Davian Sanchez introduced the non-binding resolution and amendment allowing the protesters to remain in the park. Council Members Sabina Matos, Seth Yurdin, Wilbur Jennings, and Bryan Principe were among those present who expressed support for the proposal.
If you would like to show your opposition to the economic oppression imposed upon us –– the 99%, then please show your support by attending this important action. The rally will be followed by an Occupy Providence General Assembly in City Hall at 6pm. At 7pm Occupy Providence and supporters will move to the City Council chambers to voice support for the resolution and an ordinance that will lift the 9pm curfew on Burnside Park, expanding free speech and freedom of assembly rights for all.

Attendees will then return to Burnside Park together to celebrate their 48th day of Occupying The People’s Park, as they push to end economic injustice on Rhode Island’s 99% continues!

In solidarity with the worldwide Occupy movement. ¡La gente unida, jamás será vencida! Occupy Providence!

Saturday 12/3: Occupy The Night!

Occupy The Night printable high-resolution JPG flyer

Click here to download a high-res JPG of the flyer.

Our fight against the corporate power and inequality is hollow until all forms of oppression are raised to the center of our struggle.

In our first public action, The Women/Trans/Genderqueer Caucus and the Queer Caucus joyfully invite you to join us for:

Occupy The Night
Saturday, December 3rd
6PM until Sunday morning

Occupy The Night will be a night of queer/feminist action, conversation, and community building inspired by Take Back the Night. We will rally, march, speak out, discuss, sing, dance, make art, eat, and occupy together.

We want Occupy the Night to place women and queer folk at the center of the Occupy Movement. Through this event, we seek to expose the links between gender, sexual, and class oppression; to provide demonstrative contrast and real solutions to the patriarchal tenor of the occupation thus far; to celebrate the strength of our voices and the power of our rage; and to kick off the next phase of our movement— one that is TRULY FOR THE 99%! Continue reading

Temporary changes to our Facebook comments policy

From the media group:

Someone has been creating fake Facebook Pages under the name “Occupy Providence” with a copy of our profile photo, and is using them to post malicious, hateful, and misleading comments on posts. In order to minimize confusion, for now we’ve turned off posting to the OP Facebook Wall except for OP Facebook admins. We’re reporting the impostor Pages to Facebook as soon as we see a new one — please help us out and do this as well.

Not sure if a post is real? To find out, hover your cursor over the profile photo — if it’s the real OP page, you’ll see that it’s a Community page with over 7000 likes. The fake pages will have zero or very few likes. If in doubt, please send us a Facebook message.

You can help us by reporting the fake pages and any comments they leave to Facebook! On the left hand side of the impostor’s page, below their profile photo, you’ll see a link titled “Report Page.” Click that, and choose an option—we suggest Hate speech, gender or sexual orientation. To report any comment left by the trolling pages on other posts, pages, events, or notes, click the X in the upper-right corner of that comment and select “Report as Abuse…”.

We’re doing our best to keep up with deleting the malicious comments, but we don’t have as much time on our hands as our sad troll has. We ask that you please bear with us.

Saturday at 1:30: Protest at Textron for Jobs, not War!

Flyer: Protest at Textron, Saturday Nov 19, with Occupy Providence

Click here to download a high-resolution flyer

Demand jobs, not wars!
Join Occupy Providence on Saturday, November 18 at 1:30pm, to protest in front of Textron, calling for jobs not war.

WHERE: March from the park next to Kennedy Plaza in downtown Providence to Textron headquarters.

WHEN: 1:30pm Saturday, November 19

Textron was once a big New England manufacturer, but now profits from more war and less jobs.  Textron moves jobs to China and sells weapons to bad regimes.

If we want a better future, we can’t leave the future in the hands of war-profiteering corporations like Textron.  Join the protest with Occupy Providence.

Sponsored by Occupy Providence, Anti-War Action at Brown University, and the Rhode Island Mobilization Committee to Stop Wars and Occupations.