Meeting Minutes for Day 7 – October 8th

Meeting Minutes for Day 7 – Occupy Providence
Saturday, October 8th, 3:00pm
Volunteer Co-Facilitators by Ashley and Cam (Alan)

– Guest speakers from New York wished us well.

– Facilitators reviewed guidelines for the General Assembly (GA)

Working Group Announcements:


– Alexia from media announced that someone from Occupy Providence was interviewed o WBRU 95.5 and that interview will be aired on Monday at 11:00 (am?).

– Media reminded GA that is you would like to be a contact person for media interviews to please email them at, and also to e-mail them and let them know if you are contacted by the media. You can also call them at 401-421-7000

– They are also trying to compile a list of who created each social media page (Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, etc.), please contact them if you created one of these pages.

Direct Action:

– Jared and Honore gave a report back on Occupy Providence’s first rally and announced they were working on a proposal for the time of the occupation.


– Sarah put out a call for more facilitators to help facilitate the GA.


– Arthur put out a call for food and cooks and more people to get involved in the food group.


– Artemis announced that palettes have been donated to Occupy Providence


GA broke into working groups for an hour


Second half facilitated by Ashley and Alan

Elyse (sp?) from Occupy NH gave a quick presentation about vocal projection to avoid blowing out your voice.

Working group report backs:

Direct Action:

– Jared presented a proposal from Direct Action to begin the occupation at 5:00pm. There will be a march joined by an anti war group, Brown students, and Verizon workers. Passed.


– Media voiced a need for translators and spokespeople.
– There will be a radio show at RIC from 6-8pm (what day?) on community outreach and unions (?)
– Proposed that all meeting minutes go to the facilitation working group and the media group will put them out.
– Social media passwords needed
– Proposed Occupy Providence go to Occupy College Hill (OCH) Teach-In on Wednesday from 5-7, which means suspending out GA on Wednesday. Passed.
– OCH needs a PA on Friday 9-14-11
– Leave here (on Wednesday for OCH?) at 4:30. Passed.


– Reached out to legal community, National Lawyers Guild (NLG) and American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) have responded, sent legal observers (?)
– Keys – peacefully assemble, free speech (?)
– Presentation – Tent City 2009 Occupation


– Needs: Water jugs, habachis, grills, sterno for cooking, possible offsite cooking, compost, no nuts (?), vegan food. Need reusable/bring your own containers (?)
– Enlist the help of local restaurants coolers (?)


– (need?) Medic training, getting medical supplies, need to id (?) bathrooms. porta potty donations from unions.
– Everyone should bring their meds.


– Working on simplifying hand signals and creating a hand signal poster for GA’s.
– Need more facilitators for GA’s.
– Suggest sign interpreter for GA’s.


Open Stack/Speakers List

– Proposal made to take Sunday off to rest & reconvene on Monday at 5:00pm. Passed.
– Suggestion made from direct action to works on chants, music, drums, and energy for the rally.
– Build ideas for Oct. 15th and beyond as far as mediating, dancing, performance.
– Invite folks in from KP, be friendly and inviting to onlookers
– Keep talking to mail persons and teachers, folks are close to joining, keep the group strong.
– Suggestion to begin and end assemblies with “Occupy Providence” chants.

GA closes out by chanting.