Solidarity Sunday: Stand with us, October 30th!

SOLIDARITY SUNDAY: Stand with Occupy Providence this Sunday, October 30th

Greetings from Occupy Providence!

First, thank you to all who have supported us during our first two weeks in Burnside Park, and a special thanks to the nearly two hundred workers and union members that marched in solidarity with Occupy Providence yesterday in the freezing rain.

As you may have heard, Police Commissioner Paré paid us a visit yesterday afternoon to deliver a notice giving us 72 hours to leave the park. As we stated in an open letter earlier this week, we believe that our presence is in the park is a legitimate exercise of our right to free speech, and we intend to remain here for however long it takes to build a society by, for and of the people.

As the city moves to take legal action against our non-violent protest, and with the threat of eviction looming, your strength and support is needed now more than ever. We are declaring this Sunday SOLIDARITY SUNDAY- a day for Rhode Islanders to stand with Occupy Providence against corporate power and economic inequality. Join us in Burnside Park for a day of community building and a rally at 4PM to demand that our peaceful occupation be allowed to continue. Together we will send a message to Mayor Taveras, Commissioner Paré, and the city of Providence—the 99% is too big to fail.

Solidarity Sunday will kick off with an afternoon of activities, including a non-denominational religious service at 2PM, a community soap box at 3PM, art and music making, games, and discussions. After the rally at 4PM, all are welcome and encouraged to stay on for a special General Assembly at 6PM, followed by a potluck dinner. The day ends with a solidarity slumber party in the park!

In light of the commissioner’s letter, we’ve also set up an emergency text alert system for urgent calls to action. It’s free, and we promise, no spam messages. To subscribe, text: @OccupyProvAlerts to 23559. To leave the system, text STOP to 23559.

Last, if you haven’t already, PLEASE sign our petition to Mayor Taveras and Commissioner Paré asking that they let us remain in the park.

Thank you and SEE YOU ON SUNDAY.

Police say they will not forcibly evict Occupy Providence on Sunday

Public Safety Commissioner Steven Pare is telling occupiers and the media that he will not use violence to evict the Occupy Providence camp on Sunday night, but will instead pursue legal action against us. This is not a guarantee, but it does appear that we will not be facing forcible eviction on Sunday night.

Sunday will still be a day of solidarity, and we encourage supporters to spend the day at People’s Park with us!