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Occupy Providence has been warned by the Providence Police that we may face eviction from Burnside Park as early as Sunday night, October 30th — but there’s no guarantee that the police will act then. They could wait a day or three (or a week or more).

If and when the police try to remove us from the park, we will need as many supporters as we can muster! To receive text message alerts on your cell phone about police action and other Occupy Providence rallies:

Join our alert system by texting @OccupyProvAlerts to 23559.

We will only use this to text you important announcements and emergency calls to action. We sure hope not, but we may have to contact you late at night if that’s when the police threaten eviction!  Continue reading

Police Commissioner distributes eviction warning to Occupy Providence!

UPDATED Friday 10/28 at 12:30pm: It now appears that the city will not use force to remove us from the park on Sunday.

From an occupier:

The Commissioner is here telling us that the police force will not use violence to remove us or our belongings after the 72 hour mark, that he will bring it to the court.

From the Associated Press:

Commissioner Steven Pare told WPRO-AM the city won’t “physically remove” the several hundred campers from Burnside Park and instead will seek to force them out “peacefully and civilly” through the court system. He said that could take several weeks.

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